Surviving the winter surf. Part 3

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Surviving the winter surf

They say “failing to plan is planning to fail” but when it comes to surfing all winter I say

“failing to plan to stay warm is planning to get cold”.

Not quite as catchy but it’s true. In these few posts I am going to outline what I do and use to keep me getting in the water all winter.




In the water

A wetsuit that fit’s well, keeps you warm and dries quickly is the most important thing, it’s a necessity not a luxury.

Winter suit (5mm) built in hood – a winter suit with out a built in hood is more versatile and you can get separate hoods or vests with built in hoods but for me a built in hood is a must.

Boots – your feet are your connection to your surfboard so your boots need to maintain as much sensitivity as possible. Personally I go for a size too small, it stops your feet moving in the boots and if there’s no room in them they can’t fill full of water, although I must say they are crazy hard to get on and I’m pretty sure they don’t last as long.

Gloves – mitt’s are warmest but you can’t do anything in them so whatever fits best is the go.

…and remember the more waves you catch the more paddling you’ll do the warmer you’ll stay!



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