Surviving the winter surf. Part 2

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Surviving the winter surf

They say “failing to plan is planning to fail” but when it comes to surfing all winter I say

“failing to plan to stay warm is planning to get cold”.

Not quite as catchy but it’s true. In these few posts I am going to outline what I do and use to keep me getting in the water all winter.





This can be the make or break, of getting in the surf. Often getting in your suit at home is the best way of guaranteeing you’ll get in and getting out of it in the shower is the best way not to get cold.

Towel – I’m not a fan of the changing robes in winter, a good (dry) towel means you can keep you jacket on (and keeping the warmth in) while getting most of your suit on.

Changing mat – For me this is an essential, I find the cold from the ground going up my feet is how I get coldest. It can also double as a waterproof seat cover for the drive home in your suit.

Planning – make sure your wetsuit is not inside out before you start taking your clothes off.

Change in a sheltered spot out of the wind.

Hot water bottle – If it’s really cold or you just like some luxury in your life a hot water bottle is amazing, wrap your clothes and towel around it before you get in the surf and they’ll be toast warm for when you get out or take a flask, hot water, tea, coffee, what ever will warm you up.



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