Surviving the winter surf. Part 1

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Surviving the winter surf

They say “failing to plan is planning to fail” but when it comes to surfing all winter I say

“failing to plan to stay warm is planning to get cold”.

Not quite as catchy but it’s true. In these few posts I am going to outline what I do and use to keep me getting in the water all winter.




Checking the surf

When checking the surf, It’s super important to remember “it isn’t summer”, the weather is going to be changeable and the surf isn’t going to be the same. The surf will often be more powerful than it looks and a longer time between waves, so spend your time looking at the forecast before you check the surf. There is also a chance that there is no one else around so don’t jump straight in “have a plan”. The other Important thing is not getting cold while you are checking the surf, you don’t want to spend half an hour at the beach watching it and end up too cold to get in.

Long waterproof jacket – something that keeps the rain off and your bum covered

Warm (insulation layer) jacket – something fleece or sleeping bag like so it’s warm and fits under your waterproof jacket.

Waterproof trousers – for keeping the wind and rain off, they come into their own when your checking the surf from cliff tops.

Boots – waterproof is best, keeping your feet dry and warm during those walks to check the waves.

Hat – keeping your head warm and the wind off your ears

Thermals- that extra warmth and if you go for marino they’ll be the comfiest things you’ll ever wear.



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